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Smurfs surrounded by mushrooms

February 2022


Feeling “BLUE” in February?  This exhibit was sure to lift spirits.  A collection of the famously blue “Smurfs”, created by Belgian comics artist Peyo in 1958, was on loan from collection owner Rodney Johnson of Mobile, AL who received his first Smurf when he was in kindergarten in 1975

November 2021


November’s display was lovingly created by the Hub City Crafters to celebrate garden gnomes and the adorable woodland creatures that they protect. A few other fanciful beasts are joining the celebration as well – trolls, dragons, unicorns, sea creatures, a cow being abducted by a spaceship, and a certain aged Senator wearing mittens on a park bench – all working together to lift spirits and bring joyful light to visitors through the dark months ahead.

October 2021

Shrunken Heads

The truth of “shrunken heads” is that many ancient groups practiced forms of “headhunting” over the ages. Shrunken heads (“Tsantas”) were used in tribal rituals in what is now Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Columbia and even, Panama. Preserving the head of an enemy was thought to allow the possessor to harness the spirit of the victim while also preventing that spirit from haunting the killer! The “shrunken heads” in October’s Hattiesburg Pocket Museum’s exhibit are actually pretty sweet. They are carved from apples, sweet potatoes and pears! No humans were harmed in the making of this exhibit but plenty of fruit bowls were robbed of their occupants

Pop Tarts and Pop Art

September 2021

Pop-Tarts & Pop Art

September’s exhibit featured POP-TARTS and POP ART, which are both a reflection of popular culture. As the Pop-Tart grew in popularity, so did Pop Art. Pop Art was inspired by popular and commercial culture, and began as a rebellion against traditional art. The 19 artists featured in the exhibit had a real taste for Pop-Tarts and Pop Art!

Woodstock Exhibit

August 2021

1969 Woodstock

In August of 1969 “Woodstock” was held in a dairy farm in Bethel, NY. One vehicle became the icon of the hippie counter-culture, the VW bus. This collection of “all things VW bus” brought peace and love to the Pocket Museum.

July 2021

Feather & Bone

July’s exhibit was brought to the museum by artist Kendall Warren, who hails from the Lone Star State. The exhibit entitled, “Feather and Bone”. The music at the museum transported visitors to the dusty desert and the movie at the Hattiesburg Pocket Theater made guests want to board an old steam train.

McDonalds Through The Ages

June 2021

McDonalds Through The Ages

June featured McDonalds through the ages including a Happy Meal box, the iconic paper hats and blue uniforms worn by employees and to Happy Meal boxes and toy characters including the Hamburglar.

Everybody Loves Ramen exhibit

May 2021

Everybody Loves Ramen

May’s exhibit paid homage to the greatest of all “dorm food”…..Ramen Noodles. Everybody LOVES Ramen!

Oh my gourd exhibit

April 2021

Oh My Gourd!

April took a peek into the world of fairies with an exhibit entitled “Oh my Gourd!” Which displayed the amazing work of a local artist who makes fairy houses of gourds.

March 2021

Ink in the Alley

March represented the power of women and self-expression through tattoos and henna artwork.  In conjunction with this display, the inaugural “Ink in the Alley” event was held with a resounding turnout.  

A love letter with a quill

February 2021

The Lost Art of the Love Letter

February was a collection of handwritten love letters and colorful vintage valentine cards.  The exhibit was entitled “The Lost Art of the Love Letter”.

Origami exhibit

January 2021

wash, fold, repeat

January was a colorful laundry line entitled, “wash, fold, repeat”.  Local and international artists as well as the Hattiesburg Junior Auxiliary folded intricate origami dresses for display.

December 2020

I SPY: Christmas Edition

December focused on the beauty and delight of the holiday season with an exhibit entitled, “I SPY: Christmas Edition.” Local singer, artist and actor, Abi Allen loaned her collection of strange and wonderful toys to kick-start the exhibition. 

November 2020

A Thousand Words

The November collection, “A Thousand Words”, featured the work of Denver artist, Shane Cooper. Mr. Cooper’s work showcased his ‘book-sculpting’ art and was themed as a “steampunk” exhibition.

October 2020

Tools of the Trade: Serial Killer

The October exhibit took a turn to the dark side since it is the month of Halloween. This exhibit was entitled, “Tools of the Trade: Serial Killer” and showcased four well-known (some fictional) serial killers and their ‘tools’ of choice.