Art in
The Alley

In addition to the museum, theater and art galleries, numerous outdoor art installations are featured in the alley, including a Kelsey Montague painting on the city parking garage across from the museum window, two Damian Guerrero street-art installations, “Let it Go” and Fox in the Wind” adjacent to the museum, and five pieces, “Mice in Peril”, “Why Can’t We Be Friends”, “Abbey Road – in 3D”, “Hub City Chasm – in 3D” and “Nothing but Bubble”, “Rubber Duckie”, “Save the Narwhal” by Mississippi artist, Lissa Ortego. In 2022, Gabby Smith added two art pieces to the alley, “Something’s Fishy” and “Bugs in the Burg”, and the formerly drab skywalk was transformed into the “Let’s Connect Skybridge” a Lego creation complete with Lego rock climbers and explorers by artist River Prince.

2023 brought additional works of art including “Be BRAVE Little One” by Lissa Ortego and mother-daughter artists Colbey and Aubri Sparkman brought color, movement and whimsy to two utility boxes with their works “Peace, Love and the Hub” by Colbey and “Detective McDroppings on the Case” by Aubri.   Also added was “Say Cheese” a colorful and creative cheese plate, designed and painted by artist Caren Loy and will surely please even the most discerning of palates. 

Along with these works of art, are ever-changing miniature model dioramas, which can be found on electrical boxes, ledges and in the many nooks and crannies, creating a “find and seek” component to every visit to the alley. Hiding in the magic passageway are also 13 resident cats who oversee the visitors that come to see the almost weekly changes that happen in the magical Hattiesburg Pocket Museum alley.